DANIEL MARTINICO 2012 79min English United States Listed By: DM


Meet Paul Kaplan, an unremarkable actor going nowhere on the treadmill of auditions for TV commercials in L.A. Attempting to stay positive in the face of constant rejection, thirty-something Paul listens to motivational tapes and attends emotionally and physically confronting workshops with other acting hopefuls. Meticulously arranging snapshots of Paul’s soul-destroying daily routine, OK, Good is a slow-burning character study of a performer whose growing inability to communicate in situations where there’s no script is turning him into a ticking time bomb of inner rage.


HDCAM, BluRay, DVD, Quicktime


Slamdance Film Festival |7
Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston) |17
Eastern Oregon Film Festival |12
Raindance Film Festival |9
Chicago Underground Film Festival |3
New Orleans Film Festival |16
Sydney Film Festival |4
Atlanta Film Festival |11
Festival Cine//B |2
Cincinnati Film Festival |2
Festival Mauvais Genre |1


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Paul Kaplan Hugo Armstrong


Director Daniel Martinico
Writer Daniel Martinico
Writer Hugo Armstrong



The screening was a success and a pleasure. About 19 people showed up to watch the movie. I played it at high volume. The audience seemed riveted and remained silent throughout the credits before applauding at the end. Afterwards, everyone seemed impressed and eager to discuss the movie. One person hugged me and thanked me for sharing it. I left out a pitcher and encouraged donations. At the end of the night it contained sixty-eight dollars (pictured below) and one flower (not pictured below).