BRANDON COLVIN 2014 72min English United States Listed By: Brandon Colvin


Ben Hardin (Robert Longstreet), a middle-aged Kierkegaard scholar, returns home to care for his ill mother during his scheduled writing sabbatical. While home, faced with the remnants of a life he left behind, Ben's relationships with estranged friends and family -- his mother, his brother, his ex-lover, and his childhood friend -- are tested.

The domestic paintings of Vilhelm Hammershøi, the stark staging of Carl Th. Dreyer, and Robert Bresson’s evocative soundscapes are all aesthetic touchstones for the film. Glances, sighs and footsteps are given weight by virtue of their sparseness. Traces of deadpan humor seep through the film's austere core. Expressive elegance and simplicity guide the acting, fostering an abstract realism. SABBATICAL's minimalist form builds throughout, culminating in the ...


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New Orleans Film Festival |16
Wisconsin Film Festival |5
Beloit International Film Festival |3


family drama |2
minimalist |1
art cinema |1
stylized |2
slow cinema |1
minimalism |1


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Ben Robert Longstreet
Sarah Rhoda Griffis
Dylan Kentucker Audley
Elizabeth Rebecca Koon
Dan Thomas Jay Ryan


Producer Tony Oswald
Producer Brandon Colvin
Producer Michael Sellers
Cinematographer Aaron Granat
Editor Tony Oswald
Sound Recordist Jarrett DePasquale
Sound Designer Matthew Scott Baker
Colorist Alan Dubin
Art Director Nora Stone